Friday, September 15, 2017

Running water in an Outhouse
Unknown2:52 PM

Running water in an outhouse is a pure luxury experience. It is wonderful to be able to wash your hands in clean water and grey water flows to a suitable location.
This feat was achieved when I was running PVC pipes to fill the Cowboy Hot Tub. It was a matter of making a few extra lengths that ran to some rain barrels. For now, water from the lake is pumped into the rain barrels. In the future, runoff from the metal roof we flow into the barrels.
I did have a proper "P" trap, so a coil of garden hose was used for the drain pipe. It was hooked up to a vent pipe that leads to the pit for the outhouse. At first, I was concerned the human waste odours would come up the sink, but the extra coil in the hose seems to prevent it. See pictures below for more info.
1.5" PVC pipe running from the water pump to the rain barrels

Water in one of the rain barrels. Yellow rope is just in case for movement. A 1/4 cup of bleach was added for safety. 

A simple hose bib attached a "Rain Barrel Spigot" kit from the hardware store.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Portable Green Waste Processing Table
Unknown12:22 PM