Monday, October 20, 2014

Testing Out Wind Turbine Made from Recycled Parts
Unknown2:44 PM

Great news! The wind turbine I was messing around with back in 2012, is working! (no load)
Now, I know that sounds really odd, but it has been on the back burner for quite sometime. I had a special location picked out and was planning to use it with another set of deep cycle batteries.

This particular wind turbine project started back in October 2012. My good neighbour, traded the wind turbine generator for a portable boom box. He mentioned that it wasn't working after an accidental shorting out of some wires. (He was extension cord style of wire ($69.00) than (2) 100' of 6 gauge welding cable ($140.00). Click on the links below below for more information.
drilling a hole into the tower and the drill bit struck one of the wires). So I took it home and messed around with the factory rectifier. Once it was removed, it was modified to a three wire AC system which would then be rectified closer to the battery box. To handle a 20 amp load, its much cheaper to run 100 feet of 12 gauge, AC, 3 prong,

Made a series of YouTube videos:
Part 1- Recycled Mount for Wind Turbine  
Part 2- Recycled Wind Turbine Mount- Stronger standoffs and a fancy cowling 
Part 3- Recycled Wind Turbine Upgrades 
Part 4- Homemade Wind Turbine Project v1.0 
Part 4- Buck Rogers Upgrade to Wind Turbine Project 2.0 
Part 5- Fancy Tail Fin for Wind Turbine Project 

So, with the completion of the new side deck, it was an
ideal spot for the big wind turbine. The plan was to erect the tower on top of the deck, next to the cabin and use the roof line as a support. Ended up moving the location 3 times before I found an ideal spot where it could be raised and lowered easily. Finally,  a good location was found at the corner of the cabin. Once it was in place, my next concern was the sound of the blades spinning and vibration.  But the next day, (the last day) there was no wind and I couldn't complete the test, bummer!
So, I let it sit for 3 weeks and see how it does. On October 17th, 2014, came up to the cabin to do some work on the insulation and check on the wind turbine. It was still there is one piece. Nice! Plus, it was a windy day and I heard it working. Boy, did it make a racket. Sounds just like a working power drill being pushed into a some wood with no drill bit. Quite loud and annoying!

So, the next plan of attack is move the wind turbine tower to a different location, but close to the cabin, with good wind and eliminate some of the noise. Below is a video of it working.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cedar Workshop Facebook Page
Unknown9:41 PM

If your looking for more up-to-date information on some of the Cedar Workshop projects, be sure to check out the Facebook page.

I'm finding the more I get busy with YouTube videos and projects, the less time I spend updating the website and social media sites.
So the plan was to update the Facebook page with current projects, a weekly video on YouTube and then every other week post a project in the works on the Blogger site.

I have tons of videos, but not all them are very interesting and should be edited. Plus I really suck at doing the commentary.