Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey! What about those copper coils?
Unknown8:33 PM

I'm working on it. First had to take care of some stuff at the cabin. i.e. keeping the water from pooling on the roof and leaking inside.

Anyway, here's a few pics of where I'm at.


2nd coil, 86 turns, Krazy glue every 10 turns

A screw for the start (A) and finish (B)

Winding jig from an old shelf bracket

Spool of wire. Yep, it almost unravelled on me. Had to stick a piece of painters tape as a stop

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 Videos in 22 Seconds - January Compilation 2014
Unknown2:08 PM

Made another YouTube Fan Finder style of video. It's special recap of the latest videos.
It's called "10 in 22" (10 videos in 22 seconds)
Thought it would be a quick way for existing and new fans to check out the latest offerings.

Video Titles and links are posted below.

Music credit: Strange Ways by Silent Partner. Provided by YouTube Audio Library,