Thursday, July 24, 2014

Epic DIY Deck Project -Part 5- Cedar Decking and a Helping Hand
Unknown10:15 AM

Another instalment of the Epic DIY Deck Project series. The last of the joists were secured in place with joist hangers and hurricane ties. Then it was time to dig out the 2" x 6" x 16', 18' and 20' cedar boards. A big bonus for the weekend, I hired my 10 year son as a worker. He was a huge help in carrying lumber, air nailing and using the impact drill. (All my kids are trained on power tools) All I had to do was keep him busy and break for a soda on coffee break.

Hope this series has been interesting and helpful for other people who plan on building a deck by themselves.

Thanks for watching!

Music Credit: Eviction, by Silent Partner,

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Epic DIY Deck Project- Part 3B- More Joists & Minor Fix
Unknown9:25 AM

Scarfed a newer 2" x 10" into the beam

Side view of the deck project

My son gave a hand measuring

Lake side picture on July 13th

Road side view of the deck

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Epic DIY Deck Project- Part 3- Installing Joists, Brackets & Blocking
Unknown8:58 AM

The good weather is finally here and most of the crisis projects were completed. Next on the list was the Epic DIY Deck Project. It called that because it such a huge deck (24′ x 11′) and time consumer. Since I work behind a computer for the day job. I really enjoy building something. I think it’s all the outdoor summer jobs that help out with times like this.
Anyway, once the work site was prepped with material, equipment set up and the plans consulted, the project start. After a few hours a structure started to take shape and it was really gratifying to see the deck take shape. Also, I will add, I’m no expert, nor claim to be one. I’ve consulted with the building codes and have created a plan to follow. I wish I could hire someone to finish it off during the week, but the budget doesn’t allow a professional builder. I’ll keep you posted with a few videos of the weekend builds.