Monday, February 16, 2015

On the Bench- The Valentines Day Closet Project
Unknown10:13 AM

For the last couple of months, my spouse wanted the downstairs closet cleaned out, painted and new organizers. The painting was finished the day before Superbowl and the shelves/organizers on Valentines Day. It was a chance to work on an organizer project and, best of all, it made my spouse happy again with our 30 year old house. 

The material used for the shelves was called Melamine.  Similar to a type of countertop, it is thermally fused, resin saturated paper finish over a particle board core. Had mixed feelings working with melamine. Prefer to use real wood, which is structurally stronger, but the two faces of Melamine are already finished. I went out and purchased (6) 12" x 97"  and (2) 16" x 97" shelving. It's a tad more money than a 4' x 8' sheet of Melamine, but the facing edge is already been banded with a white trip. 

Started the new shelves for the closet on Saturday. Some of the work could be completed outside. We were having a mild February, it made it easier to do the cuts outside. The units were assembled and joined at the bottom by a swing up bench. Since there was an access door under the stairs the seat had to swing up. The overhead shelf and hanger rod is still left to install.

For this project, I needed a tool to hold the shelves in place while the wood dried. Rented a Paslode Cordless Finishing Brad Nailer from Home Depot. It worked awesome! No worries with a hose or loud compressor. Only setback was the fuel cell ran out. Originally, the plan was to put in a few brads for just tacking boards until the glue dried. The employee at HD was really helpful, he threw in a couple of used fuel cells and sticks of 16 gauge brads. Unfortunately, the fuel cells all ran out around 9pm and the store was closed. Did what I could with glue and clamps and came back the next day and bought a new fuel cell. All in all, about $40.00 for the rental and parts, but it made the project so much easier. 

Hopefully in the next few days, should get the rest of the parts in-place and finishing touches completed.
I love to make things and try out new tools. 

Plus, my spouse is happy with the process. It's a Valentines Day win, win!